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Why Beginning is Always Hard - And Why That's Okay

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Today, the first video finally made it onto YouTube. I’d managed to create the channel in the beginning of the week, yet sitting down and learning to edit videos didn’t fit into the schedule I’d made.

Scheduling anything, when it’s a new craft, is impossible! Seriously! I have NO sense of how long anything takes or how many attempts are needed.

Also, to be 100% honest, I might have tried to procrastinate my way out of it because after editing it, there’d only be the single step left to actually upload the thing. And…well, I’m scared shitless.

The learning curve has been both fun and frightening. Getting used to talking to a camera, figuring out tech stuff (that wasn’t fun or frightening, that was just frustrating), and trying to be creative when making a thumbnail is a strange blend, yet I overall enjoyed the process.

I still try to rework the way I think about storytelling to see if I can incorporate the visual aspects. Videography will be a topic I need to study now, which I look forward to. But it’s Saturday, which is my writing day, yet I managed to spend 8 hours on editing and uploading.

Things I learned:

ShortCut (the free video editing software I used)

That I need to film horizontally and not vertically!

That I seriously need to think about backdrop because my kitchen wall full of post-its won’t do, and the lighting sucks

That my tripod isn’t the right height (it was free, I can’t really complain too much…)

Stuff I learned I have to mentally work on:

Sending the link to people and actually post it other places than on YouTube. Like here, on my blog, and even that makes me cringe at the very thought. Which is ridiculous, considering no one reads it yet, even though I did share the first post.

The blog has been live for 4 days, so I get that part.

Growth is slow, and I hope I evolve with it.

At least I managed to get out of my own way and start. That’s my perceived level of success at the moment, meaning it was a success, even though the quality was horrible. I managed to force myself to share it with you, and I’ve messaged the link to the video to people.

Last step is to upload this blog post and share that along with the video embedded. Once I figure out how to do that…

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1 Comment

Laura McNellis
Laura McNellis
Nov 13, 2021

Thank you for posting anyway, even with the spot! It's good to see the face and hear the voice behind the writer.

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