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Starting a new project

To start a blog was never really something I considered was in my cards, yet it struck me that I was looking at it from a limited point of view: What I would get out of it. Now, I look at it from what my 20 years of experience can be worth to you, and now it makes sense to spend time on building a blog.

So…here it is. In a random order as I dig it out of my memory bank. I’ll work on organizing it once I find order in this new chaos.

Over the years, I’ve always tried to help new authors in various Facebook groups with more or less success. The less part was probably due to not really having a goal with it, so it wasn’t really structured and thus a bit all over the place. This is my attempts to structure it.

Choosing the right platform to offer my experiences

While perusing Facebook groups to find questions to answer or newbies to offer encouragement, I noticed that a lot of questions are basically about the same, and I’ve seen a lot of bloggers answer most of those repeat questions quite competently. What I haven’t seen are enough answers to a specific kind of question—the ones regarding mindset and the struggles we meet on our journey to…wherever our goal is set.

If we have one, that is. Many seem to kinda wander around aimlessly, hoping to find their path.

Mostly, answers are motivational or huggy (which is nice), or they encourage people to just keep going and try harder. To stay strong!

Very few show how, though, or even offer up suggestions for how to figure out the mindset needed to navigate these problems.

I love mindset. I love the nuances of the human mind and individualism. So, I’ll be dealing with those questions on this blog. And I’ll be showing how the tools work by…making an ass out of myself on YouTube.

Using YouTube to prove a point

It’s going to be cringeworthy, embarrassing, hopefully hilarious to look back on, and it’ll suck! But that’s okay because I’m proving a point. I’m proving that no matter how bad we are at stuff in the beginning, we need to get over the fumbling and stumbling and crappy products in order to learn something new.

Hopefully, the YouTube channel’s contents will motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and give your dreams a go. I hope you find solace in not being alone in feeling awkward. I hope to bring insight into how much or how little you can expect from the journey from being a rookie to dominating in your chosen field.

I’ll continue to be active in Facebook groups, and if I feel there’s material for a deeper look into something, I’ll be delving into it here and examine what mental tools can be worked out in order to overcome those specific problems.

The blog is to make sure that there are coherent versions of what I’m sure will start out as incoherent ramblings because I have NO experience with making YouTube videos or talking to a dot on a tech thing.

Seriously, I just learned SnapChat! Me and filters? Ill advised. Here’s why…

But it's part of the process which is the entire point behind the blog and the YouTube channel. I've never stepped in front of the camera, and I've never been comfortable in the spotlight. Both are necessary if I want to spread my knowledge, so this is me getting out of my comfort zone and out of my own way. And trying to have a bit of fun while doing it.


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